EPC – Project Management, FEL Studies, Detailed Design, Construction Management, Startup Assistance, Turnkey Construction Projects.
Data Migration – SPI and Intools Data Management Services, Installation, DBA and Project Related Services
DCS – System Configuration, Installation and Start-up, Graphics, Network Design, Advanced Regulatory Control Configuration, Hot and Cold Cutover, and Reinstrumentation upgrades.
PLC/MMI – PLC Programming, Safety Shutdown System Design, Installation, and Commissioning, Integration of Safety Shutdown into HMI or DCS Graphics.
Plant/Enterprise Historian – Project Management, I&E Engineering, FEL Studies, and Project Engineering Services.
Systems Integration Services – IT/Network integration to DCS, Plant Historian, HMI, and PLC
I&E Construction Services – Instrument and Electrical Construction, Installation of all Instrumentation and Electrical
NDE Inspection Services – Non-Destructive Testing/Inspection, On-Stream Inspection, Corrosion Surveys, CWI, MPI Material Testing, API 653, API570, API510