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About Us

How Are We Different?

GAP Engineering was started in 2004 by Mike Homma, who had the vision to create an Automation Engineering Company that would use innovation to change the way Automation Projects were delivered and used by their clients. Mike had a vision of making things simple again and delivering the promise of automation.

Automation often requires lots of complexity and hard work but has grown in a way that was not intended. With this in mind, we began working and building internal tools and methodologies to make us faster. We would strive to build the knowledge into our systems and tools to reduce the amount of work required to use and maintain them. We saw that a “GAP” had formed in automation, and we wanted to fix it, and the name GAP Engineering was born!

Since then, GAP has expanded into turn-key civil, mechanical, and electrical construction projects for both the private and public sectors.

The combined experience of our staff exceeds 300 man-years, all with proven track records in process and manufacturing industries and derives its strength from its core employees who are the best in the industry at what they do. We can communicate with clients making complex issues simple to understand. In addition to this, GAP has employees who have managed automation projects well over $500MM, making us an ideal Main Automation Contractor (MAC) candidate. For additional information about some of our past and current projects section of our website.

GAP is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and executes projects throughout the United States.

We have developed a very satisfied client base in the past 17 years of our existence. Our clients entrust us with extensive repeat business, and the growth of our company has been made possible by ongoing customer referrals. We strive to provide the best services possible for every client we serve, and we look forward to our future opportunities to serve you.


We are experts in delivering high-quality automation, design, control engineering, and construction projects. With a history of high customer satisfaction, successful project execution, and outstanding team members, this human-centric company is here to bring your projects in on time and within budget.


Keep things simple and deliver the promise of well-executed projects.