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Gap is excited to have secured such a large role in this project with our teaming partner Ageiss Inc. It is an honor to participate in the Prosper Africa initiative and to help ensure every Ghanaian has access to clean drinking water


We are honored to participate in The Asian Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Business Conference & Expo on October 7th& 8th as well as October 14th & 15th. Mike Homma was selected as a key speaker and is looking forward to sharing success strategies as well as attending as a member of ACC


Thank you to the Asian Chamber for presenting GAP The Supplier of the Year Award. It was an honor to attend the Asian Chamber of Commerce’s Red Ball. It was a fantastic event with an excellent program featuring the Houston’s own Mayor Sylvester Turner. We appreciate Ingrid Robinson of HMSDC for nominating us for our award. Thank you to Michelle Cloud for accepting the award on Mike Homma’s behalf while he was out of the country for business. We are grateful to be members of and to be connected to such a great organization. The Asian Chamber continues to be a great partner and support to GAP.


The powerhouse couple behind GAP Engineering’s success Mike and Mary Homma manage automation and construction projects that set them apart from the competition. With decades of experience, GAP Engineering is innovating industry across the United States by filling in the gaps, enabling companies to grow and build a safer future.

As a family business, GAP Engineering is dedicated to securing the trust of their clients. By maintaining communication and conducting honest business, clients know they are in safe hands. Small businesses are the heart of the United States and companies like GAP Engineering are fundamental to the power of our economy.

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GAP Engineering celebrates HMSDC’s 47th year of dedication to small business growth and minority entrepreneurs in the Houston area.

From leadership training to marketing strategy, HMSDC inspires minority business owners and teaches them how to go beyond what seemed possible.

As a successful minority owned and operated business, GAP Engineering is a shining example of what can happen when you bring together the best talent from multiple specialties and backgrounds.

GAP Engineering is a proud member of the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council and was a recipient of their 2017 “Best of the Best!” Emerging 10 Award.

(Mike Homma and Mary Homma, seated center left)

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Just yesterday, a second chemical plant erupted in flames in Texas. The explosion at the KMCO plant in Crosby, Texas has caused at least one death. Much of the attention has been on the authorities’ lack of safety inspections, but the need for preventative control systems is equally significant. The grave importance of safety precautions is at the forefront of this catastrophe.

An ITC petrochemical storage plant in Deer Park has been fighting to contain fires and environmental contamination for over a week after huge fires destroyed tanks, causing toxic benzene leakage into the surrounding air and water. In the wake of these fires, many companies are opting for safety warning and shut down programming to combat and contain problems before they cause disastrous effects. We encourage industrious companies to evaluate their systems and make upgrades and adjustments wherever and whenever possible.

Shown above is the International Terminal Co. petrochemical plant in Deer Park, Texas.
Photo credit: Click2Houston News
Shown above is the International Terminal Co. petrochemical plant in Deer Park, Texas. Photo credit: Click2Houston News

GAP Engineering works with companies to create safer systems for their employees and the surrounding communities. Automation is key to sensing the beginning of a problem and make corrections before it becomes a big problem. From safety warnings that alert to slight changes in data to emergency shut off systems that prevent disaster without human intervention, safety can now be automated to save lives and lessen environmental impact.

Upgrading control and safety systems is so important for keeping a facility running smoothly. At GAP Engineering, we work with clients to find the most efficient ways to keep them safe. For details on some of our projects that incorporated safety upgrades, see our work on the Hess Tioga Gas Plant Expansion in Tioga, ND and Motiva Refining in Norco, LA at


The ITC plant (left) and the KMCO (right) chemical plants near Houston, Texas.
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