What is GAP’s history?

GAP was started in 2004 by Mike Homma who had the vision to create an engineering company that excelled in the implementation of automation projects. For the first two years, GAP Engineering provided I&E DCS/PLC Engineering and commissioning services to the Oil and Gas Industry with a core team of seasoned Engineers and Construction Managers. After the second year, GAP Engineering began to add NDE inspection and began Self Performing Construction Projects in addition to its core Engineering and Project Management. This led to larger construction projects in the future years and fueled the growth of GAP Engineering. GAP Engineering has many years’ experience in the upstream, midstream, and downstream for some of the petroleum industry’s largest producers and chemical & refining companies. Over the past 17 years, GAP Engineering has provided many of the largest oil and gas corporations with the abilities and innovative ideas needed to streamline production and automate processes. GAP Engineering has moved into the Public Sector doing projects for the Federal, State, and Local Governments in addition to its Private Sector Clients.


GAP is an Engineering and Construction Company based in Houston, Texas, and executes projects throughout the United States. GAP Engineering, Construction, and Inspections are comprised of professional engineers and senior associates, some of them recognized as top authorities in their respective fields. The combined experience of our staff exceeds 300 man-years, all with proven track records in process industries. Unlike most of the staff in US-based engineering companies, GAP Engineers have very strong operational experience. Our ability to communicate with clients about complex engineering issues and to be effective in the field is unsurpassed. Big things are expected in GAP’s future, but none more important than the continued top-notch service and pursuit of delivering perfect projects.

What makes GAP Engineering different?

The days of being able to pick a large company and have them do turnkey projects are over. Due to downsizing and early retirements, most of the Engineering and Construction Companies are missing key personnel to execute projects without assistance from either the client or outside entities. Once a company takes on a project as an EPC unless they have access to the correct resources, the project will suffer and will run over budget. Compromises will need to be made to complete the project on time and budget. Most of the major EPC’s no longer have the correct number of senior people required to correctly manage projects and project managers that used to be a higher caliber are no longer out there. This is largely due to the time of 1980–2000, where there were 20 years where people were not going into engineering because other professions were paying higher salaries and attracting the brightest and the best. All companies are affected by this. This has caused a gap in experience in most engineering disciplines. GAP Engineering, Construction, and Inspections are comprised primarily of senior staff, and as larger projects come in, we bring in more junior people to help execute projects. We also have access to the same contract talent pool that larger companies do because of the contacts we have gained over the many years of being in the business. So spinning up large projects is not a foreign concept to GAP. From large to small projects, we have the capability to grow with your needs.

What does GAP Engineering do?

GAP offers Engineering Consulting and Design services for many of today’s most popular industrial processes. In addition, we provide construction management services for these projects. GAP Engineering, Construction, and Inspections have all the positives of going with a large company without some of the hassles. Our employees have the same level of experience and track records like those at much larger companies. Most of GAP Engineering’s staff used to work for these large companies and bring with them the experience and best practices currently used for industrial projects today.

As part of our expertise, we also service and support data historian systems, DCS systems, PLCs, and provide other diversified specialty services. Below is a summary of our most frequently requested services and system installation/support capabilities. This is complemented by our exceptional process and equipment design/engineering expertise. If you have a problem or need assistance with something not listed below, please send us an email or give us a call at the numbers below.


  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Procurement
  • Detailed Design


  • TDC 3000/Experion
  • Delta V
  • Bailey
  • Yokogawa VP/CS3000
  • RS3
  • Fisher Provox
  • Fieldbus
  • Control Systems (SIS)


  • Panel Fabrication
  • Allen Bradley PLCs
  • Rockwell RSLogix
  • Siemens S7 PLCs
  • GE Fanuc PLCs
  • Square D PLCs
  • Triconex
  • MTL Matrix
  • Wonderware
  • Intellutions


  • P&ID Walkdowns
  • Turnaround Support
  • Instrument Installation
  • MCC Install and Support
  • Startup and Commissioning Services
  • Small and Large Capital Projects


  • PI
  • IP.21
  • PHD
  • AMS


  • Reinstrumentation Projects
  • FEL Studies
  • Project Management


  • Alarm Rationalization
  • Hazop studies, LOPA analysis, and SIL systems analysis

How do customers find GAP?

GAP prides itself on the fact that the majority of our work is repeat business from customers who believe in our services. The attentive customer service and goal-oriented attitude of our Engineers keep clients coming back. We are always looking for new ways to prove ourselves to the customer.

Does the company plan to expand?

The current economic climate, although challenging, is perfect for GAP to flourish. We have been working hard over the past 17 years, building the best company possible so we can continue to offer superior products and services. Our staff is among the best in the business, and we are always looking upward. GAP is constantly seeking experienced engineers with a passion for succeeding. If you are interested in joining our team, please email us your resume or check out our jobs section for current job openings.

How do I contact GAP Engineering, Construction and Inspections?

Mike Homma – Engineering – 281.578.0500

GAP Engineering, Inc.
21703 Kingsland Blvd, Suite 103
Katy, TX 77450
Tel: (281) 578-0500
Fax: (713) 456-2247