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Making Clean Coal Profitable

Recently GAP Engineering had the privilege of being selected for the final round of an innovation competition for Innostars, US-China Innovation Alliance. We appreciate the privilege of being invited by Innostars and the US-China Innovation Alliance. The competition was the semi-final and final round of an innovation pitch competition held in Changsha, China. It was a huge honor for GAP to be chosen from a field of hundreds of companies from all over the US, with only 28 chosen for the semi-final and final rounds of competition in China. Mike Homma, President of Gap Engineering, spent a week in China touring Qingdao and Changsha and made his pitch for “Making Clean Coal Profitable” to the Chinese judges in the Green Innovations category. The concept involved reducing all stack emissions from Coal-Fired Power plants in China. China is the largest user of coal in the world, and a small change in its emissions would have a much larger impact on the rest of the world than large reductions in emissions within countries like the US and European nations for a much lower cost.  With the contacts received in China, GAP continues to pursue its ideas for cleaning up the environment in China and is forming partnerships with Chinese companies to deliver its solutions in China and India.

Video of Mike’s presentation