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Gap Engineering – We can help you get it done

Projects Done Right

Gap Engineering handles every detail, from start to finish, to make your projects easy and less time consuming. Our clients know they will get exactly what they paid for, without any surprises. Using our well-developed tool kit, we integrate and simplify programmable control systems. We combine industrial systems with advances in automation to provide a smarter, more efficient work experience.  Our mission is to evaluate and improve processes and systems for companies to increase their profitability.


Project Management

Providing proper project management means having the knowledge and tools available without needing to outsource. With Gap Engineering, multiple specialties come together under one roof to fill those gaps most companies rely on others to fill. Our team of engineers can complete any project with guaranteed time and cost efficiency.

Automation Consultants

We are industrial automation. Our specialties include upgrading controls and maximizing efficiency for facilities of all capacities. Clients gain more than just profits when they take advantage of the advances in automation; Gap Engineering helps keep you safe while helping you make the most of your business. Safety is key in industrial environments and automation is one way to make a facility safer for everyone.

NDE Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDE or NDT) requires specialized knowledge of how something works to inspect or test it without making it unusable. Most projects call for assessment of equipment and Gap Engineering has experience with various types of NDE testing.


Gap Engineering is proud to be a certified minority owned and operated small business. The Small Business Association of the US government approved Gap Engineering’s eligibility for an 8(a) certification. With the goal of increasing business diversity, the 8(a) certification allows Gap Engineering to bid for federal contracts, particularly in construction.

Along with the federal 8(a) certification, Gap Engineering holds certifications for more local projects as well. The state of Texas granted a HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) certification, granting Gap Engineering access to complete projects for the state.