Why The Name Gap Engineering and How Are We Different?

Gap Engineering was started in 2004 by Mike Homma and Stan Kersch – two former co-workers turned business partners who had a vision to create an engineering company that excelled in the implementation of automation projects. Gap was formed because the two owners saw the need for additional support from both the client and the independent companies commissioning large automation projects. The engineering companies were looking for the clients to provide the same information they always had with automation projects. However, the clients were no longer able to do this because they were so short staffed due to lay-offs and early retirements. We saw that a “Gap” had formed in automation projects, and the name Gap Engineering was born!

Gap Engineering derives it’s strength from its core employees who are the best in the industry at what they do. Our ability to fix projects that have gone bad is our strong suit, and we pride ourselves in being able to fix almost any technical problem within the time allotted. We are second to none and are often being called in when others have failed. Although this is one of our strong features, we believe that Gap’s value to the client will be much higher if we are brought in at the front end of a project rather than when things are not going so well. Properly managing a project from the start has multiple benefits; including being less stressful and less costly for everyone involved!

The combined experience of our staff exceeds 200 man-years all with proven track records in process and manufacturing industries. Unlike most of the US-based Engineering and Construction Companies, Gap Engineers have very strong operational experience that are actually used on your project and not just brought in to sell the job and never seen again! Our ability to communicate with clients about complex engineering issues and to be effective in the field is unsurpassed. In addition to this, Gap has employees who have managed automation projects totaling $500MM, making us an ideal Main Automation Contractor (MAC) candidate. For additional information about some of our past and current projects section of our website.

Gap is headquartered in Houston, Texas but has satellite branches in Beaumont, TX, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Pennsylvania; and executes projects throughout the United States.

We have developed a very satisfied client base in the past 13 years of our existence. Our clients entrust us with extensive repeat business, and the growth of our company has been made possible by ongoing customer referrals. We strive to provide the best services possible for each and every client we service, and we look forward to our future opportunities to serve you.