We Can Help Take Your Business To The Next Level

In these difficult times, we are asking ourselves different questions. How do I save energy? How do I run more efficiently? How do we get the same amount of work done with less people? or How do I get more done with the same amount of people? Although many of these questions have been on our minds, they are currently in the forefront and in many cases determine if you will be in business tomorrow. All of industry is building new projects to increase capacity, debottleneck plants and build additional infrastructure. Gap Engineering has some of the most senior people in the industry and can make bring these projects in on time and within budget. Call us today and let Gap Engineering take your business to the next level!

Projects done right


Gap Engineering is a full service solution contractor for Construction, I&E and automation projects. Gap Engineering is comprised of some of the best professional engineers, managers, and associates in the industry. We offer the full range of process engineering, process control, owner representation, peer reviews, consulting and automation services, I&E Construction, as well as project management to a wide variety of clients in the manufacturing, general construction, oil and gas production, chemical, refining and power generation industries.


Our services range from main automation contractor to full service engineering for many of the largest corporations and government institutions to providing a single individual to fill a specific role in your project. The current economic situation makes total project cost and risk reduction even more important than it was before. The old paradigm of the most expensive choice being the least risk is no longer true. Gap Engineering can often fit the 12 million dollar project into the 10 million dollar budget.


Gap Engineering offers the best of what a large company can offer without all the headaches. Our team has both experience and the track record because we all used to work for the larger companies at one time. Our smaller organization size reduces overhead, and allows for higher project efficiency with faster decision making capability.